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Why Hydraulic Cartridge Valves are essential to all Hydraulic systems?

Often used in Hydraulic systems and machines, Hydraulic Cartridge Valves are mostly used for directional, pressure and flow control in many industries. Typically, these valves are of an extremely compact design, which ensures that they are effective in various Hydraulic Manifold Systems.Thanks to the compact size of the hydraulic cartridge valves, intelligent design and cost-effectiveness, they are an integral component of most hydraulic systems.Hydraulic Cartridge Valves, also known as 2/2-way valves or ‘logic elements’, are ideal for applications that require a high flow rate along with leak-free control. They are available in a wide range of sizes, specifications and designs.

Different Types of Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

Some example of the Hydraulic Cartridge Valves that Flowfit have to offer consist of:·  Check Valves – This design of Hydraulic Cartridge Valve will only allow liquid to flow in a single direction. This means that this design of valve is perfect when the liquid needs to bypass a pressure valve or a filter. It is also an ideal way to ensure that the flow does not enter a specific portion of the hydraulicsystem's circuit at an undesirable time. These types of valves are split up into three groups; Standard Check Valves, Male Check Valves and Integrated Check Valves – the primary difference between these three types of valve are the way in which they are installed into the hydraulic system. This makes them ideal for different setups of hydraulic system. ·  Relief Valves – The relief valve is a type of valve that will limit the hydraulic pressure in a system, ensuring that specific components of the system are not subjected to degrees of pressure that they cannot sustain. 

A relief valve is, primarily, a safety component, as it stops other pieces of the hydraulic system from becoming damaged. Relief valves are split into four groups; Hydraulic Light Relief Valves, Standard Relief Valves, Double Relief Valves and Hydraulic Differential Type Relief Valves. Hydraulic Flow Dividers – Flow Dividers are composed of two or more gear sections that have been connected along a common shaft. Each individual section is fed from a shared inlet port and has a separate outlet port. As a result of the gear sections rotating at identical speeds, the fluid is displaced at an identical rate. Hydraulic Diverter Valves – These types of valve are used to intercept and divert the flow of liquid within the hydraulic system. This is useful when movement sequencing or control selection of different actuators is needed. Hydraulic Diverter Valves are typically available from three-way to six-way diverters. This means that you can pick out the perfect diverter valve for your hydraulic system’s requirements. They are usually made of cast iron, though steel alternatives are available. Hydraulic Sequence Valves - Sequence valves are used when a hydraulic system features two or more actuators which must move in sequence to ensure optimum operation. With sequence valves, you can rest easy knowing that neither actuator will result in damage to the other. Even if a hydraulic system features no risk of actuator damage, a sequence valve is a great way to simply control the actions of the actuators themselves.  

How are Hydraulic Cartridge Valves  used? 

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves can be used to control the direction, pressure and flow control in a wide variety of circuits. The combination of hydraulic cartridge valves can easily lead to the design of custom mobile or industrial equipment and circuits. Creating custom circuit designs, using these components, allow for the designer to find the perfect circuit for their specific machine. A circuit which has been specifically tailored and uniquely tuned to the right specifications. Historically, the first hydraulic cartridge valves were simple relief valvescheck valves and simple flow-control valves. In recent years, the constant innovation of technology has allowed these components to be refined and provide extremely reliable service in a wide range of hydraulic systems.Reliable, High-Performing Hydraulic Cartridge ValvesAt Flowfit, we are extremely proud of our range of Hydraulic Cartridge Valves. We understand how integral these valves are to your hydraulic system, and we have the highest confidence in the products we offer.For more information, or to start browsing through our incredible range of Hydraulic Cartridge Valves today. 

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