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What Are The Practical Applications Of Hydraulic Log Splitters?

With the rising costs of domestic heating gas oil, a national desire for alternative fuel and heating sources has been awakened. As burning wood is carbon neutral, these alternative sources of fuel also offer some environmental benefits. Hydraulic log splitters have been enjoying something of a resurrection in popularity over the past few years, as more and more people decide to take advantage of good, old fashioned wood as one of their primary fuels.

How Are Hydraulic Log Splitters Used In Domestic Settings?

Many people who would not have even considered splitting their own logs just a few short years ago are now enjoying the monetary and exercise benefits of hydraulic log splitters. Both ecological and economically, the use of wood as a primary fuel source makes perfect sense – it is cheaper than fuel, renewable and results in much less damage to the environment.

A wide range of small firewood splitters are available for domestic use. This means that anyone with an exterior space can now cut their own firewood quickly and efficiently. A high-quality hydraulic log-splitter can save the operator hours of labour intensive work.

It is worth remembering, that hydraulic log splitters, sometimes known as manual log splitters, still require effort on the part of the operator – many domestic users factor this effort into their weekly exercise routines!

How Are Hydraulic Log-Splitters Used In Industrial Settings?

There are many large-scale and commercial hydraulic log-splitters available, although they are primarily used in domestic situations. Commercial log splitters tend to be much larger than ones seen in a domestic setting, and are used to split much larger logs, or to split a larger number of logs at any one time.

Specialists use hydraulic log-splitters in a wide range of industries – producers of maple syrup, for example, use systems that split 4-foot lengths of wood!

Some hydraulic log-splitters have been designed to optimise the production of fence-posts. These models point the wood as they split the logs, creating the core shape for fence posts even before they have been treated or painted.

Hydraulic log splitters are still favoured by many people over gas or electric alternatives for their simplicity and reliability; even if they do require a little additional effort on the part of the operator.

Flowfit are proud to offer industry-leading and reliable hydraulic systems and accessories. We understand how important the right kind of hydraulic log splitter can be to your home, and that is why we only offer the best.

For more information, or to start browsing our incredible range of hydraulic log splitters and kits today, please continue browsing the Flowfit website! Call us on 01548 876 033 or, email directly with any questions or concerns you might have!

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