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Hydraulic Rams At The Movies!

When it comes to your favourite movie, the chances are you’ll be able to name the director, the starring actors, your favourite scenes and even a little background information and trivia. However, one thing that everyone seems to forget is that a lot of the most famous scenes wouldn’t have been possible without hydraulic rams and complete hydraulic systems.

Back in the day, before everything was possible with CGI, hydraulics were one of the most effective and reliable ways to make a scene memorable. Some of the best movies ever made have relied on hydraulic systems to make unforgettable scenes and, without them; the landscape of cinema would be completely different.

Four Famous Scenes That Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Hydraulic Rams

1. The Terminator – One of the best action films ever made, the original Terminator featured the young Arnold Schwarzenegger as the murderous cyborg sent back in time to assassinate Sarah Connor. The Terminator is absolutely unstoppable, fighting his way through bullets and police forces, surviving car crashes and even taking a homemade grenade to the face.

Unstoppable, that is, until he comes up against the power of hydraulics. Having to crawl through a hydraulic press in order to reach Sarah Connor, she activates the system and crushes him.

Hydraulics – 1. Futuristic Cyborgs – 0.

2. Jurassic Park – One of the most famous movies of all time, Jurassic Park, featured the revival of the dinosaurs on a remote island/theme park. At the time, CGI was nowhere near as effective as it is today, and it was obvious when the mighty T-Rex was created with digital effects rather than real-life materials.

However, there were several points in the movie that saw a hydraulically-powered T-Rex attack a jeep. The realistic look of the dinosaur really made the scene threatening in a way that CGI would never be able to do. It might not have been an entire dinosaur, but we weren’t to know that at the time!

3. Alien – Few people seem to mention the fact that one of the most famous and horrifying scenes ever was all the result of hydraulics. In Alien, the moment the Xenomorph baby bursts out of John Hurt’s stomach was all powered by a hydraulic ram. It might have required a lot of takes, not least because it wouldn’t break through his shirt for the first few tries, but I think we can all agree that it was definitely worth the effort.

It took the team hours to set up, not least because the director, Ridley, decided that he wanted the cast’s reactions to be completely organic. That meant keeping the rest of the cast away from the set for hours at a time, leaving their imaginations to make the scene even more terrifying for them than it eventually ended up for us.

4. Aliens – Heading back to the Alien franchise, the action-packed sequel takes quite a different direction from its original. At the climax of the film, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) fights the Alien Queen using a mechanical exoskeleton that every single person watching immediately fell in love with.

The Caterpillar P5000 Power Loader is a mechanical and hydraulic power suit that was supposed to be used for hauling heavy objects around, but which eventually became one of the biggest and baddest weapons in science fiction history.

Hydraulic Rams – Responsible For Some Of The Most Famous Scenes On The Silver Screen

Without hydraulic rams, some of the most memorable scenes the world would have been impossible to create. Now, we aren’t saying that the hydraulics rams we provide need to be used to create the next Alien or Jurassic Park, but we provide only the highest-quality products to any of our customers, so there’s no reason why they couldn’t be!

If you’re looking for reliable hydraulic rams, designed to a range of specifications, browse our diverse range today! If you have any questions or concerns about the hydraulics that we can provide, don’t hesitate to contact our team directly on 01584 876 033.

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