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What Is A Hydraulic Check Valve, And Why Do You Need One?

Here at Flowfit, we are proud to say that every one of the Hydraulic Check Valves we offer has been engineered to provide a long-lasting and unbeatable performance. Our wide range of hydraulics is guaranteed to provide you with the valve that matches the exact specifications your hydraulic system requires.

What Is A Hydraulic Check Valve?

A Hydraulic Check Valve is a device that will only allow liquid to flow in one direction. They are a necessary component of any hydraulic system as they eliminate potential damage caused by the fluid’s back pressure. Hydraulic Check Valves are typically used in three common occurrences:

  • When the flow of liquid needs to bypass a pressure valve during the return flow,
  • As a means of ensuring that the flow does not enter a specific portion of a circuit at an undesirable time,
  • As a bypass around a filter, when that filter becomes clogged or unusable.

There are three main types of Hydraulic Check Valve:

  • Check Valves – Check Valves allow liquid to flow freely in one direction and block the flow in the opposite direction.
  • Male Check Valves – Male Check Valves also allow liquid to flow freely in one direction whilst blocking the alternative direction. Male Check Valves are different to regular Check Valves in the way that they are installed into the hydraulic system.
  • Integrated Check Valves – Like the other two kinds of Hydraulic Check Valve, Integrated Check Valves only allow liquid to move in one direction. However, their small dimensions make these kinds of Check Valve perfect for a custom-designed Hydraulic Integrated Circuit.

Every one of these types of Hydraulic Check Valves are available in a wide range of sizes and each one is designed to manage different strengths of flow and pressure.

Things To Consider When Picking Out The Perfect Hydraulic Check Valve

  • Will the Hydraulic Check Valve be used with a single or a double-acting cylinder?
  • What degree of cracking pressure will you require for your Valve?
  • Will the Valve be manually operated?
  • Will the Valve be mounted directly onto the pump, nearby the pump, or directly into the Hydraulic Lines themselves?
  • Is independent control of multiple cylinders or other hydraulic accessories essential?
  • Will you need any additional directional control or pressure control valve functions alongside your Hydraulic Check Valve?

Making certain that you choose a reliable Hydraulic Check Valve supplier is the key to ensuring a healthy hydraulic system. At Flowfit, we are dedicated to providing the very best service that one can require and all of our products are guaranteed for twelve months.

If you want a Hydraulic Check Valve that you can trust, one which has been extensively product tested, and matches the specifications of your hydraulic system perfectly, then browse through our extensive range. For quality, reliability and excellent customer service choose Flowfit.

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