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What Can I Use A Hydraulic System From Flowfit For?

Hydraulic systems use pressurised fluid, oil and water to create repetitive movements that are efficient, cost-effective and versatile. They have a wide variety of applications, with the most common being in large industrial settings such as; construction, logging, manufacturing and robotics industries.

Most of the stationary or mobile equipment you use in your daily life is an application of hydraulics:

  • Industrial - Plastic processing machinery, steel making and primary metal extraction applications, automated production lines, machine tool industry, paper industries, loaders, crushers, presses, textile industry machinery, and many more are just some of the examples of industrial hydraulics.
  • Automotive - Cars and vehicles are full of hydraulic systems that all enable them to run smoothly. For example the hydraulic brake circuit is responsible for the brakes, the power steering and suspension system are all operated by hydraulics. Not only are vehicles run with hydraulic systems, but automotive repair uses a lot of hydraulic systems too. The most visible application of hydraulics can be seen in the two- and four-post lifts used to lift cars for inspections and servicing.
  • Petrol Pumps - The hydraulic systems used in this machine draws fuel from the storage tank and into the car, then when the fuel tank of the car reaches its capacity a computer tells the pump to stop drawing fuel.
  • Building & Construction - Equipment such as; cranes, excavators, backhoe, earth moving equipment, tractors, irrigation system, material handling equipment, tunnel boring equipment, rail equipment, and much more are all examples of mobile hydraulic systems used.
  • Marine - Hydraulic systems play an important role in maintaining the stability and control of ships. Such systems as; steering gears, bow and stern thrusters, engine room maintenance systems including pumps and jacks, deck machineries like cranes, winches, hatch covers, mooring drums and others are used in order to run a marine vessel.
  • Aerospace - Air vehicles like airplanes, rockets and spaceships used hydraulic systems to adjust wings, retract and extend landing gears, open & close doors, brakes and steering.

There are so many places hydraulic systems have an application for, even everyday mundane items like office chairs and dishwashers to fun places like theme parks. That’s just the beauty of hydraulics, it may sound technical and heavy-duty but they can be delicate and intricate devices that work in a wide range of situations.

Check out the range of hydraulic systems we keep stocked here at Flowfit, we are sure there is one to meet your needs and if not, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you.

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