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What Are The Industrial Applications For Hydraulic Cylinders?

Many contemporary industries rely heavily on large, automated systems and complex machines to ensure their continued efficiency. Hydraulic Cylinders are used in most heavy-duty, high-performing machines and their continued effectiveness is amongst most important components of modern industry.

Hydraulic Cylinders have several applications, which typically tend to be based around constructive or destructive equipment. Here at Flowfit, we know how integral Hydraulic Cylinders are to the smooth operation of this equipment. By extension, we know how integral Hydraulic Cylinders are to efficiency, workload and profitability.

Industries Which Make Use Of Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Civil Engineering – As this industry requires a great deal of heavy-duty machinery, Hydraulic Cylinders are in constant demand. From vehicles like bulldozers, trenchers and excavators to their various attachments, Hydraulic Cylinders are present in almost every large machine relating to the industry.
  • Agriculture – Hydraulic Cylinders are used heavily within this industry. Hydraulic Cylinders are common in heavy-duty machines like crop harvesters, tractors and loaders. They are often used in the attachments for certain machines as well, including hydraulic wood splitters and planters.
  • Energy – Hydroelectric stations utilise Hydraulic Cylinders as a component of their gate controls. These cylinders help to control the water flow by opening and closing the water gates as and when required.
  • Mechanical Engineering – Along with every other use, Hydraulic Cylinders are extremely handy in automated production lines. They are particularly useful in conveyor belt systems and specific feeding devices. As well as this they are an integral part of plastic forming machines and various transportation devices.
  • Shipbuilding – Unsurprisingly, thanks to their reliability and incredible design, Hydraulic Cylinders are essential to the Shipbuilding industry. Hydraulic Cylinders can be found in transportation equipment, various essential hoists, and are necessary to many nautical steering mechanisms.

There are many other industries which rely on the continued existence of Hydraulic Cylinders, including the automotive and food production industries. Fortunately, there are many kinds of Hydraulic Cylinder available. This means that any size of machine or production system can find the perfect Hydraulic Cylinder to fit.

Hydraulic Cylinders can range from single or double-acting to telescopic or plunger style cylinders. Despite this variation, every Hydraulic Cylinder features the main components of a piston and a barrel. Additional components can include a head, a base, a piston rod, a welded port, a flange, or rod end. The style of Hydraulic Cylinder depends upon which components it utilises.

The Very Best Hydraulic Cylinders

Here at Flowfit, we are proud to offer one of the most varied and specialised ranges of Hydraulic Cylinders in the UK, and we have absolute confidence in every Hydraulic Cylinder that we provide.

For more information, or to start browsing through our incredible range of Hydraulic Cylinders today, please visit Flowfit or contact us directly on 01584 876 033.

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