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What are some common problems that can occur in a hydraulic system

What are some common problems that can occur in a hydraulic system and how can they be avoided or corrected?

Hydraulic systems are the beating heart of countless industries, powering everything from heavy machinery to precision tools. Yet, like any complex system, hydraulic systems can encounter issues that disrupt their efficiency and functionality. In this enlightening blog, presented by Flowfit, we'll delve into some common problems that can occur in a hydraulic system and provide insights on how to avoid or correct them. With Flowfit's expertise in hydraulic solutions, you'll be well-equipped to navigate these challenges and keep your systems running smoothly.

Fluid Contamination

Contamination is a relentless adversary for hydraulic systems. Dust, debris, and moisture can infiltrate the system, causing clogs, abrasion, and reduced efficiency. Flowfit underscores the importance of proactive measures like using high-quality filters, breathers, and regular fluid analysis. By maintaining clean hydraulic fluid, you can prevent premature wear, extend component lifespan, and optimise system performance.

Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks are not just wasteful; they can signal larger issues in your hydraulic system. Flowfit advises regular visual inspections to catch leaks early. Replace worn seals, gaskets, and connectors promptly. Ensuring proper installation and torquing of components minimises the likelihood of leaks. Fixing leaks not only conserves hydraulic fluid but also prevents safety hazards and costly repairs.


Excessive heat can lead to fluid breakdown, reduced lubrication, and compromised system components. Flowfit recommends using appropriate fluid viscosity for the operating temperature range. Ensure proper cooling systems, like radiators or fans, are functioning optimally. Addressing overheating promptly prevents damage and extends the life of hydraulic components.

Air in the System

Air trapped in the hydraulic fluid can lead to spongy response, reduced efficiency, and even damage. Flowfit advises bleeding the system thoroughly during installation and whenever components are replaced. Regularly check for air bubbles in the fluid, especially after maintenance. Proper bleeding and maintaining fluid levels eliminate air-related issues.

Component Wear and Tear

Components in hydraulic systems are subject to wear due to friction and pressure. Flowfit emphasises that using high-quality components and following recommended maintenance schedules are essential. Regularly inspect components for signs of wear, including scoring, corrosion, and abnormal noises. Timely replacements and lubrication extend the life of components and prevent costly failures.


Cavitation occurs when low pressure causes air bubbles to form and implode within the hydraulic fluid. This phenomenon can damage components and degrade fluid. Flowfit advises proper pump sizing, ensuring adequate fluid supply, and avoiding excessive pressure drops. By addressing cavitation, you protect your hydraulic system's integrity.

Inadequate Lubrication

Lubrication is essential for reducing friction and wear between moving components. Flowfit recommends using the correct viscosity hydraulic fluid and adhering to recommended lubrication schedules. Proper lubrication extends the life of components, reduces energy consumption, and ensures smooth operation.

Hydraulic systems, while complex, can be effectively managed with the right knowledge and strategies

 Armed with Flowfit's insights into common problems and solutions, you're equipped to avoid and address issues that can compromise your hydraulic system's efficiency and functionality. Remember, proactive maintenance, regular inspections, and quality components are the keys to a hydraulic system that performs optimally and stands the test of time.

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