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The Two Main Types of Log Splitters

As we head further into the winter months, those of us with open fires will be thinking more about getting these fires lit. There is nothing better than spending a cold, crisp winter evening huddled under a blanket with a homely warm fire burning in the hearth.So, to achieve this you’ll need a good log splitter! Here are the different types available, with some further information to help you make your decision: Electric Log SplittersElectric log splitters use a hydraulic pumping system to push the log into the blade, or, depending on your log splitter, swings the blade at your chosen log to split it. They can exert between 4 to 25 tons to break a log and are powered by a hardwired power source or a generator.Electric log splitters can be used almost anywhere, are quiet and can be used indoors when the weather outside is not looking too good. Petrol/Diesel Log SplittersThere are three grades of gas log splitters available:·  Consumer: exert 8-16 tons,·         Intermediate: exert 20-29 tons,·         Professional: exert maximum 37 tons.Gas log splitters have a higher power range than that of electric splitters and are essentially a log splitter with a portable generator mounted on them. They can also handle some green woods, as well as seasoned wood.They are easy to work with due to their simple design and with regular maintenance.These machines can be noisy, so it’s not recommended to use these splitters in the early hours, as you may annoy the neighbours!These types of hydraulic log splitters come both as a horizontal and vertical structures. Many people prefer to use horizontal log splitters for domestic use; as they are usually less expensive and split smaller logs. Vertical log splitters are usually used when splitting a variety of differently sized logs and tree trunks, meaning that they are more expensive and generally for professional use.Log splitters kits are more popular than ever! More and more people are returning to good old-fashioned wood-burning stoves and open fire hearths for their homes. With our range of hydraulic log splitter kits and parts, you can enjoy a reliable, safe and powerful log-splitter to make your wood-cutting that much easier.

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