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The Different Designs Of Hydraulic Check Valve
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The Different Designs Of Hydraulic Check Valve

posted in Flowfit Hydraulics by Flowfit on 10:11 May 13th, 2015<< Back to Flowfit Hydraulics

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An integral component for hydraulic system control, hydraulic check valves come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs. Each and every design is best suited to certain structures of a hydraulic system and work in different ways to help you control the flow that passes through your system.

The Main Types Of Hydraulic Check Valve

  • A Ball/Poppet Check Valve – This is a check valve in which the component itself blocks the flow is a spherical/cone shape. In some ball/poppet-check valve designs, the ball/poppet is spring-loaded to ensure it remains shut when it is supposed to. In many, however, the design requires reverse flow in order to maintain the ball’s or poppet’s seal. The interior of these hydraulic check valves is, typically, conically shaped to allow a much more effective seal, and to guide the ball/poppet into the correct position.

    These designs of hydraulic check valves are, typically, favoured because they are cheap to manufacture and replace, very small and very simple. This design is so simple, in fact, that it often does not feature a ball design at all, but can feature a ‘poppet’ which has been similarly powered by the spring mechanism.

Reliable Check Valves For Your Hydraulic System

Here at Flowfit, we are proud to offer only the very best hydraulic components for your hydraulic system – whether you are operating a heavy-duty industrial machine or a domestic hydraulic log-splitter. We are so confident in each and every product that we provide, that we offer a 12-month guarantee as standard, across our wide range of items and brands.

For more information, or to pick out the perfect hydraulic check valve for your hydraulic system today, contact us directly on 01584 876 033. Alternatively, you can email our friendly and knowledgeable Flowfit team at sales@flowfitonline.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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