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Stainless Steel Handpumps

Stainless Steel Handpumps

G.L. HYDRAULIC S.R.L. is a leading-edge manufacturer of Stainless Steel products, such as Handpumps and Valves. G.L. HYDRAULIC S.R.L. is specialised in the production of a wide range of hydraulic components for application in a variety of industrial sectors. The exceptional product quality standards are carefully guaranteed through the use of the best materials and the implementation of extremely tough quality-control procedures. Thanks to its experience, extensive knowledge of the market and outstanding technical skills, G.L. HYDRAULIC S.R.L. is an indispensable reference point for anyone looking for precise and concrete solutions for every type of requirement, no matter how difficult it may seem.

AISI 316 Stainless Steel products

GL products are made using AISI 316. AISI 316 contains slightly more nickel than other grades and 2-3% molybdenum giving it better resistance to corrosion, especially in harsh environments.

  • Durable

  • Easy to fabricate

  • Easy to clean

  • Welds easy

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance in sale water environment


Applications to date are in the nuclear, marine, offshore, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries where high performance in remote and corrosive environments is required. They are used largely due to their ability to cope with harsh environments. The units offer the highest standards of performance and durability.

Benefits of Stainless Steel

  • Corrosion Resistance: Lower alloyed grades resist corrosion in atmospheric and pure water environments, while hich-alloyed grades can resist corrosion in most acid, alkaline solutions and chlorine bearing environments; properties which are utilized in process plants.

  • Fire and Heat Resistance: Special high chromium and nickel-alloyed grades resist scalding and retain strength at high temperatures.

  • Hygiene: The easy cleaning ability of stainless makes it the first choice for strict hygiene conditions, such as hospitals, kitchens and food processing plants.

  • Ease of Fabrication: Modern steel-making techniques mean that stainless can be cut, welded, formed, machined and fabricated as readily as traditional steels.

  • Aesthetic Appearance: The bright, easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a modern attractive appearance.

  • Long Term Value: When the total life cycle costs are considered, stainless is often the least expensive material option. Stainless steel rarely rusts.



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