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Weldless Steel

Weldless Steel

Ensuring that your system features a hydraulic tank of adequate strength and size is essential when it comes to your hydraulic system’s efficient operation. To make the absolute most out of your hydraulic system, you need to take advantage of the industry-leading new Flowfit hydraulic weldless steel reservoirs. This high-performing hydraulic tank is used in a wide range of fluid transfer and containment applications.

The New Flowfit Hydraulic Weldless Steel Reservoirs

These hydraulic tanks have been designed to be extremely light weight, without having to compromise on the efficiency of its service. Their electrostatic epoxy power-paint finish means that these tanks are suitable as a component in a wide range of systems. Produced by a single press, this model has not been welded at all, which ensures that it has an unbeatable seal and remains 100% leak-free.

Available in a wide range of sizes, from as little as 6-litres, the lightweight and high-strength design of this hydraulic tank makes it perfect for a wide range of systems and solutions. For more information, feel free to contact our team of hydraulic tank specialists directly.

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