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Why You Should Consider A Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit
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Why You Should Consider A Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit

posted in Hydraulic Components by Flowfit on 10:37 Oct 12th, 2021<< Back to Hydraulic Components

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 What is a hydraulic power unit?

Hydraulic power units are systems that use enclosed fluid to transfer energy from one sauce to another to drive components of a hydraulic system. They are typically used for heavy lifting applications that need a strong directional force. Hydraulic power units have a more complex system than hydraulic pumps.

Why choose a diesel power unit?

For tasks that require power and strength, we recommend a diesel power unit. The diesel hydraulic power units we offer are all based on Hatz diesel engines, making them ideal for heavy duty work. One of the main differences between an electric and diesel power unit is the horsepower rating. Due to the high-powered nature of diesel power units, the horsepower rating is much higher than its electric counterpart. All of our diesel power units come with a 12 month warranty from the date of the invoice, meaning that you can trust our products will continue to perform at high standards.

The Diesel Power Units We Offer

When choosing a diesel power unit from us, we have a variety of options for you to choose from depending on your price and requirements. For those with a high budget; we recommend the HATZ diesel engine driven power pack, with a Hatz engine for great amounts of power. When ordering your product, you can select your choice of power, flow rate, circuit and reservoir, allowing you to get the best options for you. Slightly lower in the range, is the LONCIN range, with a number of options available to choose from depending on the power and reservoir of the unit.

Order a diesel hydraulic power unit from Flowfit today, or send us a message to find out more.

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