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What Are Hydraulic Power Packs, And Why Are They Essential?

Simply, hydraulic power packs are self-contained units that are used in place of an integrated power supply for hydraulic machinery. The principles of hydraulics see fluid pressurised and displaced to transmit power from one location to another in order to operate a machine – power packs can provide this power on a portable scale.

They are essential in a range of different situations, particularly for industrial work that takes place outdoors and away from any larger-scale, integrated hydraulic system.

What Do Hydraulic Power Packs Look Like?

Although hydraulic power packs come in a range of sizes and designs, these power packs are always likely to be reasonably sized in order to maintain their portability – one of their greatest advantages. Most of these models are small and compact, and very few are designed to be large and stationary.

Each and every hydraulic power pack can be easily identified through its main components. It doesn’t matter how large the unit in question happens to be, it will always contain the following:

  • A Hydraulic Reservoir;
  • Regulators;
  • A Pump;
  • A Motor;
  • Pressure Supply Lines;
  • Pressure Relief Lines;

What Do These Hydraulic Components Do?

  • The Hydraulic Reservoir – This component is used to hold the fluid that the hydraulic system relies on. Reservoirs can come in a range of different sizes, but they are always easy to identify.
  • The Regulators – These components control and maintain the amount of pressure that the hydraulic power pack eventually delivers to the attached piece of equipment.
  • The Pressure Relief & Supply Lines – The supply lines are used to provide the pressurised fluid to the pump. The relief lines are used to relieve pressure between the pump and the valves. They can also be used to control the flow’s direction through the hydraulic system.
  • The Motor & The Pump – The motor is used to power the pump. The pump is then used to pressurise the hydraulic liquid and ensure that it progresses around the system. The pump pulls liquid from the reservoir by creating a vacuum, before forcing it throughout the rest of the hydraulic system.

The Function Of Hydraulic Power Packs

Through a control valve, hydraulic power packs can be used to deliver high levels of hydraulic power to whatever it is connected to. The more valves you have, the wider a variety of machines you can power using hydraulic technology. There are hundreds of examples of hydraulic equipment which require power from these portable packs. If any machine is required to carry out heavy or regular lifting, then the chances are that it will need help from a hydraulic power pack.

Some practical examples of hydraulic power pack usage could include excavators and bulldozers on a building site. Other examples could include industrial fishing vessels lifting nets out of the water, or mechanics using them to lift our vehicles at the garage.

Maintaining Your Hydraulic Power Packs

These pieces of equipment can require regular maintenance to ensure that they are working as effectively as possible. It is also important that they are maintained to provide high levels of safety for the operator, and that they are kept in great condition to extend their life.

Maintaining these pieces of equipment can be relatively simply, and can often be as simple as checking connections and tubing to ensure that the entire pack is structurally intact.

A Diverse Range Of Hydraulic Power Packs, From Flowfit Online!

Here at Flowfit Online, we are proud to offer a diverse range of hydraulic power packs which are suitable for use in a wide variety of situations. All of our portable pack models can be used alongside a range of other systems for the very best and most reliable results.

For more information, get in touch with our professional team of hydraulics specialists today on 01584 876 033. Alternatively, you can email any questions or concerns that you might have to, and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

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