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Working Out The CC Measurement Of A Hydraulic Gear Pump

When it comes to using hydraulic gear pumps it is important to make sure that you have accurate measurements of all parts of the pump, especially the cc. This is because the hydraulic gear pump is one of the main components used in manufacturing, construction and machining equipment, all of which need to run smoothly and without any system failures.  What Does cc Mean? Cc is the abbreviation for cubic centimeters and is used to measure the hydraulic fluid volume displaced per revolution (one complete Rotation).  So, How Exactly Do You Measure The cc? Use the calculation below to work out the Theoretical Cubic Centimeter Displacement Per Revolution of a gear pump by measuring its internal parts.Make sure all measurements are in centimeters, and as accurate as possible.  

formula image
 W = Gear WidthD = Gear Bore DiameterL = Bore to Bore  Why Do You Need The Cc Measurement? Hydraulic fluid displacement is when fluid is transferred from a gear pump’s inlet to the outlet within one revolution. Hydraulic gear pumps have a positive displacement, meaning that they pump a constant amount of fluid for each revolution. As gears within the pump rotate, they separate on the intake side of the pump, creating a void and suction which is filled by fluid. The fluid is carried by the gears to the discharge side of the pump, where the meshing of the gears displaces the fluid.Due to this continual flow of fluid, it is important to know this cc measurement to avoid any system failures and costly repair work.Flowfit have a vast range of hydraulic gear pumps and accessories to choose from.  For more information about our services or for advice from our experts, please don’t hesitate to give the team a call on 01584 876033 or e-mail us at

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