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Why Is It Important To Have An Emergency Spill Kit?

Why Is It Important To Have An Emergency Spill Kit?

For any business workspace, when there is the risk of harmful liquids spilling and causing potential harm, having an accessible spill kit to hand is a must. These types of spillages need to be cleaned quickly, safely and efficiently to minimise the effect of the hazardous materials on the environment around the area and the workers themselves.

Why Do You Need A Spill Kit?

The answer to this question is simple:

·  Gives your workers peace of mind, by knowing that there is a quick solution.

·         Ticks health & safety regulation checklists, as having these close to hand will keep employees and the facility safe and minimises slips.

         Lowers the cost, buying a kit rather than individual items can save employers money in the long run.

By having a spill kit to hand, employees can prevent a spill from escalating fast from inconvenient to dangerous.

When deciding on what spill kits to get for your working environment you need to consider the following:

What Spill Kit Do I Need?

Each spill kit has a specific set of features, as they are suited to specific types of industrial spillages. Here are the three types of spill kits employers may need:

·         General Purpose – these are for water-based liquids and hydrocarbons.

·         Hazmat  these are for workspaces that involve highly corrosive acids and solvents.

·         Oil Only – these kits clean-up hydrocarbons like gasoline and oil, so are designed to float on water.

What Do Spill Kits Contain?

All spill kits essentially contain the same items, but designed to suit different purposes. Let’s take a look at what makes up a spill kit:

·         Absorbents – these are pads, socks and pillows.

·         Protective gear – safety goggles and gloves.

·         Disposable bags and ties – these are to handle soiled absorbents.

·         Red and white striped tape – to seal off the affected area.

Whilst each kit contains more or less the same items, if a kit is specifically marked as oil only then it should only be used for oil spills as the items won’t be as effective on other types of spillages.

Plan For Spillage Size

When considering buying a spill kit you need to consider the worst case scenario to establish what size of spill kit you need. Here at Flowfit we offer kits ranging from 15 litre to 50 litre, so you don’t want to buy a 15 litre then end up with a much bigger spill.

Always consider how big a spill there could potentially be, then buy the right size.

Train Your Employees

There isn’t much point having a spill kit to deal with these inconvenient, and potentially dangerous, spillages if your employees don’t know how to use them, is there?

Ensure that any employee that may need to use these items knows the following:

·    Where the spill kit is,

·   The procedures to follow,

·   Important contact information,

·   When not to use the kit and to evacuate instead.

Every workplace and industrial unit have a different level of spillage clean-up requirements and have varying levels of risks associated with these. That’s why you should make sure any area that could be affected by an unexpected spillage has a spill kit available to hand and that you and your employees know how to use these kits. Flowfit offers a range of industrial spill kits in varying sizes and covering different spill types, so make sure those spills get covered and order yours today!

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