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Weird And Wonderful Industrial Uses For Hydraulic Cylinders!

Hydraulic systems are one of the most popular designs of system around, particularly for high-powered industrial machines. They have a huge range of applications, in a wide variety of industries, and one of the only components that are constant throughout almost all hydraulic systems is the hydraulic cylinder.

Also known as a linear hydraulic motor, these are mechanical actuators that are used to deliver force in a single direction. These hydraulic cylinders receive their power from pressurised fluid, most typically oil.

The Many Industrial Uses Of Hydraulic Motors!

There are many different industries that use hydraulic motors and systems, here are some examples:

  • General Industry – There are many uses for hydraulic systems and cylinders in general industries. Some of the general uses for these components include:
    • Guillotines,
    • Forklifts And Attachments
    • Folding Equipment
    • Post Hole Diggers
    • Elevated Working Platforms
    • Lighting Towers
  • Agricultural – Almost all major agricultural equipment utilises a hydraulic system, either in the form of hydraulic lifting or movement control. As agricultural equipment continues to develop and innovate, hydraulic systems and cylinders have to grow to remain equal to the tasks they have been set. Just some of the applications for these hydraulic systems have included:
    • Harvesters
    • Spraying Equipment
    • Tillage Bars, Seed Drills And Wool Presses
    • Cotton Module Creators
    • Slashers And Mowers
  • Earthmoving – As one of the most demanding industries, with high-pressure environments, hydraulic cylinders have needed to be the very best in order to survive under the intense and extensive usage of earthmoving applications. Hydraulic systems have been used in a wide range of applications in the earthmoving industry, including:
    • Excavator Buckets
    • Skid Steer And Recovery Equipment
    • Road Surfacing Equipment
    • Quick Hitches
  • Mining – The mining industry may not feature the same images as it traditionally did, with coal-faced men marching into cramped conditions, with canaries in cages and flashlights on their helmets, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less essential, or profitable. As one of the most punishing industries, the hydraulic systems in use have needed to be extensively tested to ensure that there is as little chance of unscheduled downtime as possible.

    There are a wide range of applications for linear hydraulic motors in the mining industry, such as:
    • Roof Bolters
    • Drilling Equipment
    • Underground Vehicles (Modern Mine Carts)
    • Crushing Equipment
    • Hydraulic Access Ladders

A Strange Use For Hydraulic Cylinders?

Recently, an off-shore construction company, Conquest Offshore, unveiled a floating foundation installation concept that it hopes will act as a ‘game changer’ for offshore wind construction. The company has designed a motion-compensated pile gripper which, it claims, allows for pile-driving direct from a nearby crane barge.

Hydraulic cylinders are used to actively compensate for the surge, the sway and heavy motions of the barge to ensure the verticality within pre-established limits. This could result in off-shore constructions, particularly for objects like wind-turbines, being much easier and quicker to complete – all thanks to linear hydraulic motors.

Industry-Leading Hydraulic Cylinders, From Flowfit

Here at Flowfit, we might not offer the customised kinds of hydraulic cylinders that Conquest Offshore requires, but for every other industrial application, we have you covered! Whether you’re desperately looking to repair your industrial vehicle or system, or improve your domestic hydraulic system, you can find the perfect hydraulic cylinder for you amongst our extensive range.

For more information, please contact our specialised team here at Flowfit today on 01584 876 033 or email us directly at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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