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Here at Flowfit, we are extremely proud to say that, back in February 2013, we opened the world’s first fully-dedicated hydraulic components and systems trade shop. We offer a diverse range of products and complete units to ensure that you can find just what you’re looking for.

Not only can you purchase components individually, but you can also take home comprehensive systems and hydraulic power packs to ensure that your hydraulic requirements are met quickly and efficiently!

Flowfit’s Dedicated Trade Store

At our hydraulic trade shop – the first in the country and possibly the world – we make it our mission to provide any and every hydraulic accessory that you might need to create or operate your system as required. You will more than likely have experienced our industry-leading customer services, but our dedication to our customers doesn’t just end there.

Along with offering a wide range of components, systems and accessories, we also have a team of dedicated engineers who will help you to understand your hydraulic system in greater detail and who have experience in helping our customers when it comes to their product’s operation.

In the following video, you’ll see one of our engineers, Ian; demonstrate to one of our customers how he could get his hydraulic power pack to work as it was intended.

Here at Flowfit, you will find a team of dedicated specialists with many years experience in the industry and a comprehensive understanding of a range of hydraulic systems and their operation. We ensure that we only offer the very best products to our customers and every design that we stock has been extensively tested to ensure long-lasting and reliable service.

What Does Flowfit Offer?

As the UK’s largest provider of hydraulic components, we offer a huge range of hydraulic features and accessories to help you repair, upgrade or build a hydraulic system of any size and specification.

Our range of hydraulic components includes:

Hydraulic Pumps – A hydraulic pump is a mechanical power source, which effectively converts mechanical power into hydraulic energy. They generate flow which has enough power behind it to overcome pressure induced by the load at the pump’s outlet.

During operation, a hydraulic pump creates a vacuum at the pump’s inlet, which then forces hydraulic fluid, typically oil, to move from the reservoir into the inlet line which leads to the pump. The mechanical action of the pump itself then delivers this liquid to the pump’s outlet and forces it to move into the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic pumps are available which work as either a positive displacement or a fixed displacement pump, and each offer different benefits to the system and to the user. It is important to choose the right pump, as an inefficient pump will not deliver the amount of liquid required whilst an overly-powerful pump might result in lasting damage to your system.

The most common design of pump is a gear pump, but there are a range of alternative designs available as well, including rotary vane and screw pumps.

Hydraulic Cylinders – Cylinders for hydraulic systems are mechanical actuators and they are used in a huge range of industries and applications. They provide a unidirectional force through a unidirectional motion.

Cylinders receive their power from pressurised hydraulic fluid – typically oil. The hydraulic cylinder itself consists of a cylinder barrel, within which a piston, connected to a piston rod, moves back and forth within the barrel.

These components work in conjunction with hydraulic pumps, which act as the generator for their partnership. The flow of oil from the pump is the source of motion for the piston, making it impossible to operate without the pumped liquid.

Hydraulic Valves – Hydraulic control valves route the fluid to the actuator which needs them. Typically, they consist of a spool within a cast iron or steel housing, The most common form of control valve is the directional control valves, which are effective at routing the fluid to different areas of the hydraulic system.

Tolerances for these items are typically very tight in order to handle the high-pressure fluid and to discourage leaking. It is extremely important to ensure that you choose hydraulic valves which can effectively meet the requirements of your system.

There are a range of valves available for hydraulic systems, including pressure relief valves, check valves, pressure regulators, cartridge valves, auxiliary valves and many more.

Hydraulic Power Packs & Units – Hydraulic power packs are the main driving components of hydraulic systems. Consisting, mainly, of a motor, a reservoir and a hydraulic pump, these units can generate a tremendous amount of power to drive almost any kind of hydraulic system, including rams. These power units draw their energy from ratios of area and pressure.

They can be used in, generally, any application which requires heavy or systematic lifting – or, in fact, any application which requires the repeated use of powerful and directional force. They are used in a range of industries, including construction, agricultural, aerospace test equipment, machine tools and system automation, amongst dozens of others.

Clutches & Gearboxes – Clutches and gearboxes are essential components of the overall transmission system, and it is essential for the system’s reliable operation that these two features work at their peak capacity.

These components are available in a diverse range of styles, including electromagnetic and mechanical clutches, along with splined couplings and speed-reduction gearboxes.

Hydraulic Motors – Much like the cylinders, hydraulic motors are mechanical actuators. They convert pressure and the flow of the hydraulic fluid into torque and angular displacement, more commonly known as rotation. These are normally the largest components of a hydraulic system, although models are available which feature a more compact design.

Hydraulic motors are available in a range of designs, though the most common are gear and vane motors, which consist of a driving gear and an idle gear to create a simple, yet powerful, rotating system.

Log-Splitter Kits – Log-splitters are growing increasingly popular as more and more people are choosing to use wood as a cheaper, more natural solution to heating their homes. Log-splitters are one of the simplest hydraulic systems, utilising hydraulic pressure to force a blade through wood.

They are an excellent example of how effective and powerful hydraulic systems can be. Here at Flowfit, we offer a diverse range of log-splitter components and kits to make your life that much easier.

Hydraulic Tanks – Also known as hydraulic reservoirs, these are the components which ensure that the entire system is supplied with hydraulic fluid. Besides this, they perform a range of other important functions, including the dissipation of heat through their walls and the conditioning of the fluid itself.

A suitable hydraulic tank is essential when it comes to improving your system’s lifespan. Having a stored amount of the fluid is an effective way of minimising risk to your system as it will allow sludge, water and other contaminants to settle and enhance the fluid’s suitability.

Hydraulic tanks are available in steel, weldless steel and aluminium, and we also offer a range of accessories including tank heaters to ensure that your reservoir provides your with long and reliable service.

Visit Flowfit’s Trade Store Today!

With more than 8,500 items on display along 1,500 square feet of shelf space, our industry-first trade store offers a diverse range of reliable products for a variety of hydraulic systems. Whether you’re looking for reliable hydraulic power packs, heat-dissipating tanks or powerful log-splitter kits, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for amongst our extensive range.

So, rather than order your chosen products, why not make a trip down to Ludlow, South Shropshire, and visit our industry-leading trade showroom – as the world’s first dedicated showroom for hydraulic components, we are extremely proud to continue to innovate and lead our industry.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of friendly specialists on 01584 876033, email us at or visit our trade store today!

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