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The Basics Of Hydraulic Power Packs

hydraulic power pack is an important part of many hydraulic systems, from small scale engineering through to aerospace projects and beyond. As such, it is integral to the continued smooth operation of these systems or pieces of machinery that you understand the basics of how they work.

The Elements Of A Hydraulic Power Pack

The basic principle of hydraulic power is to convert a primary drive source into hydraulic fluid flow. There are a number of elements required to achieve this. These are:

  • Primary Source – AC or DC motor or an internal combustion engine (petrol or diesel).
  • Hydraulic Pump – The most common varieties are gear, piston or vane.
  • Oil Tank/Hydraulic Reservoir – The container for the hydraulic fluid.

In addition to these key components, a hydraulic power pack will also include a filtration pump inlet for suction, pressure pump filter, as the pump outlet, and return filters which are linked back to the reservoir.

How Do These Elements Work?

The primary drive sources are there to dictate the amount of hydraulic power delivered to the oil. In turn, this controls the fluid flow and the pressure limits of the hydraulic power pack. As mentioned briefly above, primary drive sources could be from a vehicle battery (DC), AC from a single or 3 phase motor or from some sort of internal combustion engine. It may also be powered by an air motor as well.

Pumps are what produce the flow of the hydraulic fluid. They are designed to do so using the pressure restrictions that the hydraulic system demands. Hydraulics are usually selected based on their suitability to match the required pressure ratings and their ability to produce that all important flow. Economy and noise are also considerations.

As hydraulic power packs require fluid, like all hydraulic components, they require reservoirs. These are storage vessels that hold the fluid, they ensure that it is held and kept in the best possible condition.

Filtration is a basic requirement of hydraulic units. With the proper filtration of contaminants, the operational life of a hydraulic power pack will be greatly increased. Suction strainers ensure the largest contaminants do not enter the pump. Pressure filters are normally configured at the pump outlet to ensure only highly filtered oil enters the hydraulic system. Contamination within the system is filtered out by the return filter before it enters the hydraulic reservoir.

What About Control Elements?

There are some control elements that make the operation of hydraulic power packs easier. Pressure control valves, for instance, are there to limit or control the hydraulic pressure within the hydraulic system itself.

Likewise, directional control valves, either manual, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulically operated valves, direct the flow of the oil around the system. This enables the operation of actuators, motors or other hydraulic system functions.

Instrumentation, such as oil level and temperature protection switches, pressure switches and filter clogging switches are all common elements of hydraulic power packs.

Cooling is another other key consideration where efficiencies within a hydraulic system or machine will produce heat in the oil. This must be cooled to ensure long life and high efficiency.

The simplest hydraulic power pack circuit is termed a “P&T pack” which is simply the provision of a pressure outlet port and a Tank return port. Minimum hydraulic valves on this type of powerpack should be a maximum pressure relief valve and a check valve to protect the pump.

Find Your Required Hydraulic Power Pack At Flowfit Today

If you’re searching for your ideal hydraulic power pack, visit Flowfit today. We have large number of hydraulic power packs that are perfect for a wide range of applications. Just some of the packs we have in stock include:

  • Petrol & diesel driven
  • Belt driven
  • Single acting power units
  • Double acting power packs
  • Electric motor pumps
  • Power packs on wheels

All these are guaranteed for a minimum 12 months and are available with global delivery. Make Flowfit your first choice for high performing and long lasting hydraulic power packs.

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