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Make Your Hydraulic Oil Last Longer

While we’re currently enjoying a time of low oil prices, for the first time in what seems like an age, it can still prove costly if you’re running a lot of hydraulic equipment to replace the fluid within. After all, everything from a hydraulic log splitter through to the largest of pieces of machinery, requires oil. Here are few ways in which you can make your hydraulic oil last longer which can save you money in the long run.

Making The Most Of Hydraulic Oil

Here a few tips that you can use to keep the hydraulic oil in your hydraulic log splitter, power pack, motor or similar piece of kit in top condition.

  • Keep It In – The first, and possibly the most obvious, thing to do with your hydraulic fluid is to keep it in the system. This is in terms of pure economics. While those slow leaks are chipping away at your costs, the amount it’ll cost to replace the fluid is currently quite low. It’s probably a better idea, maybe even an essential one, to fix the leaks rather than replace the hydraulic fluid. It will only need to be changed when any degradation or additive depletion occurs.
  • Keep It Cool – There many great reasons to keep your hydraulic systems cool; not least to ensure that the oil involved is kept in peak condition. According to Arrhenius’ Law, the rate of chemical reaction doubles for every 10 degree Celsius. The chemical reactions you should be concerned about, in relation to hydraulic oil, are oxidisation, due the presence of air, and hydrolysis thanks to presence of water. The hotter the oil, the faster the rate of these reactions!Let’s look a practical example. If you were to pour some cooking oil into a glass, and leave it would, take days or possibly weeks to darken in colour due to oxidisation. But if you were to tip into a hot frying pan, which will expose it to a lot of oxygen, and heat it, the cooking oil will go blacker quicker. Oxidisation can prove detrimental to the smooth performance of hydraulic equipment. Keep it cool! Ask about Flowfit’s range of hydraulic oil coolers today.
  • Keep Your Oil Dry – It’s a classic problem. Water and oil simply do not mix. It has a number of negative effects on hydraulic oil. Chief among these is causing the oil to be chemically compromised due to a process called hydrolisation. Hydrolisation can compromise the effects of additive packages that are meant to enhance the hydraulic oil. Keep water away from yours if you can to prolong the oil’s service life. Ask about Flowfit’s water removal filtration trolleys.
  • Keep It Clean – The old saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness” rings true when it comes to oil. Particle contamination also affects oil life. Certain metals act as catalysts which can increase the rates of hydrolisation and oxidisation. Particles can also attach themselves to any additives in the oil which can result in the depletion of the additive when these are captured in the system’s filters. Ask about Flowfit’s filtration solutions.

In closing, if you want to keep your hydraulic oil in top condition for longer, keep it clean, keep it cool, keep it dry and keep it in!

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