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How To Choose The Right Hydraulic Pump For You!

Here at Flowfit Online, we stock a wide range of hydraulic pumpsto meet your every need. As we work very closely with all of our suppliers and manufacturers, we are proud to offer our customers only the latest, and only the very best, hydraulic products to meet your every need.

Choosing The Right Hydraulic Pump For Your Needs

Hydraulic pumps vary in their application, so you may find itdifficult to choose precisely which option will suit your requirements. Their specifications are also very fine, so you need to make certain that you know the requirements of your hydraulic system, before you decide on the best pump for you.

  • If there is a constantly applied weight (such as when your cylinder raises a heavy weight) then a single-piston or double-acting hand pump will be ideal for your needs.
  • If there’s little or no resistance initially, but major force is required later on in the process, then a two-speed dual pump is ideal.

    A good example of this would be an instance when a cylinder advances until it contacts a load and then applies a greater bending or cutting force. The pump supplies a high-volume, low-pressure flow until the increased force is needed, at which point it switches to a high-pressure, lower volume flow.
  • If your need requires a double-acting cylinder, which is able to exert force in either direction - use a gear or piston pump with a 4-way valve.

It will also be useful to take stock of how much you expect to spend on your hydraulic system before deciding on a hydraulic pump. Remember that, although the pump is an integral component of your system, it is not the only part. Remember to leave enough of your budget for other parts of your system.

Before installing onto your hydraulic system, double-check that your pump can meet the requirements of your system. Too much pressure from the pump can harm your equipment, whilst not enough will result in wasted energy!

Flowfit Online – High-Quality Hydraulic Pumps That You Can Trust!

Here at Flowfit Online we offer a wide range of hydraulic pumps, to over 9000 customers worldwide. We are proud at offering a wide range of quality products, with a prompt and expert customer service team ready to offer their assistance and advice.

All of our products can be viewed online or alternatively you can orderor download one of our product catalogues, which are available as a hard copy or as a PDF download. If you require a great number of our products, then we are able to offer incredible quantity discounting across our wide range of hydraulic products.

For further information on all of our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact our Call Centre on 01584 876 033 or email us at

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