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Get Ready For Autumn, With A Hydraulic Log Splitter

To many of us, it might seem like summer has only just begun, but autumn is certainly on its way. Before too long, the leaves will be turning brown, the nights will start to lengthen and the dreaded autumn rains will start to batter at our roofs. If you’re lucky enough to have a wood-burning stove, you can look forward to those gentle evenings where you can listen to the wood crackling and smell the sweet scent of its smoke.

Without a hydraulic log-splitter to help you get through the log-cutting process, you’re more likely to give up after only a few logs and you’ll find your stock soon runs out. There are few things worse than having to cut firewood in the cold wind and the biting rain, so this year remember to get your log-splitting done early!

Why Choose A Hydraulic Log-Splitter This Autumn?

A hydraulic log-splitter is capable of splitting a large amount of firewood with ease. These reliable machines can be used to cut both hard and softwood, along with knotted pieces which can be almost impossible to manually split.

Hydraulic models also come in a wide range of designs, including those powered by gasoline engines or styles which can be hooked up to another vehicle’s hydraulic system, such as a tractor.

Many horizontal hydraulic log splitter models are designed to allow both horizontal and vertical splitting, and you should always choose a design that does this. Whilst you will use the traditional horizontal layout most of the time, due to its speed and efficiency, the vertical option is nice when cutting much larger or heavier logs. If your hydraulic log-splitter cannot be used vertically, you will only be able to cut logs that you can lift onto the splitter itself.

How Useful Is A Hydraulic Log-Splitter?

If you’re one of the increasing numbers of people who are choosing to take advantage of traditional wood-burning as a means of heating your home, then you cannot afford to be without a hydraulic log splitter. Even if you buy wood which has been pre-cut, the option to cut it into easily-manageable and easily-storable sizes of wood can be a great way to improve your overall wood-burning experience.

A hydraulic log splitter can allow you to split an entire year’s worth of firewood in an evening or two, and is much easier than splitting it by hand. However, you still get to enjoy the wonderful exercise benefits of the log-splitting.

The original price and maintenance of a hydraulic log-splitter are the two components which often put people off purchasing one. However, anybody you ask will tell you that, as soon as you own one, you couldn’t imagine living without it.

Hydraulic Log-Splitting Kits And Components, From Flowfit

If you’re looking for a simple and enjoyable way to prepare your firewood for burning this autumn, or you want to store your cut wood in the most efficient manner possible, then you cannot do without our extensive range of log-splitting components.

For more information on the wonderful advantages of a hydraulic log-splitters, contact Flowfit Online directly on 01584 876 03301584 876 033. Alternatively, you can email our specialised team today at

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