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End Stroke Valves

End Stroke Valves

Hydraulic end stroke valves are essential components of a hydraulic system. They are used to block the passage of hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic circuit. These models are available in both normally open and normally closed designs, to suit your systems preferences.

Hydraulic End Stroke Valves

Typically, these models will be fitted on a branch as a means of releasing pressure. In many hydraulic end stroke valves, a pusher enables the fluid to pass through the valve from one outlet to the other.

As the name suggest, normally open valves will be open by design, and it will often be the result of user interference that they are closed. These valves are easily closable by pushing or puling on a slider, although some models will come with fluid levers to ensure easy alteration.

Normally closed models work in the same, way, but inversely. It is only through user interference that these models are opened. When either of these models are closed, this will result in the immediate and complete stop of hydraulic fluid passing through the valve.

Flowfits Range Of Hydraulic End Stroke Valves

As the UKs leading provider of hydraulic components, here at Flowfit we are dedicated to providing only the very best for our customers systems. Our wide range of hydraulic end stroke valves have all been extensively tested and intelligently designed to ensure complete reliability.

For the very best in hydraulic system components and accessories, feel free browse our extensive range. If you have any questions, about any of our products, you can get in touch today on 01584 876 033.

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