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The Features Of Bespoke Hydraulic Cylinders From Flowfit

As well as our comprehensive range of hydraulic cylinders – designed to fit a wide range of hydraulic systems – we are also able to create models with unique specifications. We can manufacture these hydraulic cylinders to meet your own unique requirements and provide completely reliable alternatives to the other components that we provide. Whether you need a one-off design, or you’re looking to include a completely unique cylinder within a new product line, we can help.

Since Flowfit’s inception, we have built our reputation on providing the best advice and sourcing the highest quality components possible for all of our customers. Our flexibility and constant drive towards innovation has made us the UK’s industry-leader when it comes to providing hydraulic components to both commercial and domestic customers.

What Do You Need To Know For Bespoke Hydraulic Cylinders?

If you want our team to design the perfect hydraulic cylinder for your system’s requirements, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you want. If you can’t answer each one of the following questions, then not only can we not create the bespoke option for you, but you aren’t sure what kind of hydraulic cylinder you need.

Before committing to getting bespoke hydraulic cylinders, we’d recommend checking through the rest of our site, and making sure that you can’t find a component that matches your system’s specifications.

Do You Need A Single-Acting Or Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder?

A single-acting chydraulic ylinder is a component where the working fluid only acts on one side of the piston. This cylinder relies on the load, gravity or springs to push the piston back in the other direction.

Alternatively, a double-acting hydraulic cylinder has the fluid working on both sides of the piston. In order to connect the piston in a double-acting cylinder to the external mechanism, you need to make sure that a hole connects the cylinder to the piston rod.

What Role Will Your Hydraulic Cylinder Play In Your System?

These cylinders can play a range of different roles within your system. For example, there are non-differential designs, telescoping, ram-type and actuating cylinders, as well piston-type and cushioned cylinders. For a detailed look at each type of hydraulic cylinder, click here.

What Stroke Size Will You Need?

The stroke is the part of the hydraulic cylinder that actually moves during operation. You can take advantage of extended length and retracted length strokes when designing your own hydraulic component.

How Long Does The Closed Centre Need To Be?

The closed centre is the length, between pin centre and pin centre, when the hydraulic cylinder itself is fully closed.

What Is The Right Diameter For Your Cylinder Rod?

This is the diameter of the piston inside the hydraulic cylinder tube. This rod will often work with other features in your system and is important for connecting to other hydraulic parts.

What Size Will Your Oil Supply Ports Be?

Oil supply ports will dictate how much hydraulic fluid is allowed to enter the component. This can have a range of different effects on the flow, speed and power of any hydraulic cylinder. It can also relate to the kinds of equipment this cylinder can successfully connect to.

What Kind Of Mounting Option Do You Need?

There are a range of different mounting options you can choose from. Whichever you choose will make a real difference to the hydraulic cylinder and the way it integrates into your system. Just some of the mounting options include:

  • Single or Double Clevis Mount.
  • Trunion Mount.
  • Threaded Mount.
  • Front Flange or Alternative Front Flange.
  • Cross Tube.
  • Double-Acting with Double Clevis.

Find The Perfect Hydraulic Cylinder Amongst Flowfit’s Diverse Range

Here at Flowfit, we can provide a comprehensive range of hydraulic cylinders to ensure that you can find the perfect model for your system. If you cannot find the right specification or design for your hydraulic solution, then get in touch with our team today on 01584 876 033 or email us at

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