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Hydraulic Motor Dry-Starts And How You Can Prevent Them!

In the past, we’ve dealt with a range of hydraulic motors issues, but one of the most common is as the result of dry-starting the system. Dry-starts can cause hydraulic equipment to fail far shy of their predicted service life.

Practically every kind of hydraulic equipment, including hydraulic gear pumps, is at risk from a dry-start causing long-term damage. But what is a dry-start, what causes them and how can they be avoided to ensure that your systems can continue to operate efficiently in the long-term?

What Is A Dry-Start And How Can They Damage Hydraulic Systems?

A dry-start is when a motor of hydraulic gear pump is started without being filled with clean hydraulic oil. In these situations, it can take some time for the damage to actually show itself, but premature failure of the equipment in question is practically a certainty.

For those hydraulic experts out there, you might be thinking that the equipment should fill itself with oil through internal leakage, even if it is dry-started. In most instances, it will but this will not occur before the damage to the hydraulic system has occurred. It is entirely likely that the equipment will not suffer any lessened efficiency until the moment it breaks down, hundreds or, potentially, even thousands of hours after the event has occurred.

Most dry-starts occur as a result of low-maintenance. A common misconception is that because oil circulates through the entire system, the operator doesn’t need to pay any attention to the individual components after they have been installed into the system. Once every component has been fitted and connected, they are essentially ignored. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

How Can You Prevent Dry-Starts From Damaging Your Hydraulic Systems?

After the hydraulic gear pump or motor has been installed, its case should have been filled with clean and high-quality hydraulic oil. Starting any kind of piston or pump without doing so is similar to starting a traditional motor engine with no oil. The components will not be effectively lubricated, and the engine will almost certainly break down early due to the damage caused by friction.

Preventing these issues from developing can be as simple as ensuring that your hydraulic components have all been filled with oil prior to their start-up. Just by taking the right precautions before you engage the system, you can ensure that the significant cost for repair is avoided, and you can enjoy many thousands of hours of operation from your hydraulic gear pumps.

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