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Hatz Diesel Engines

Hatz Diesel Engines

Hatz is a company that is world-renowned for the quality of its engineering. All across the world, Hatz engines are in demand due to their compact size along with their lightweight and resilient design. These engines are most commonly found in small construction machinery, particularly as a means of powering both generators and pumps.

Hatz Diesel Engines Are Renowned Across The Globe!

Here at Flowfit, we are extremely proud to offer a variety of Hatz diesel engines to our customers. With power specifications ranging from 4.2HP to an astonishing 66.4HP, and designs which feature both 12 Volt and recoil starts.

For more information, or to discover whether our range of unbeatable Hatz diesel engines is right for you, get in touch with our helpful team of industry specialists today on 01584 876 033!

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