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Two Pump 'Hi-Low' Unloading Valves

Two Pump 'Hi-Low' Unloading Valves

Hydraulic two-pump Hi-Low unloading valves allow the smooth unloading of a low-pressure/high-flow pump into a suitable dual-pump high-low system. A suitable system is a hydraulic system which makes the most of two pumps as a means of providing rapid speed to a relevant actuator.

Hydraulic Two-Pump Hi-Low Unloading Valves

Once resistance is encountered, and the requirement of the fluid switches from a high speed to high force/torque, the low-pressure/high flow pump is unloaded back to tank at minimum pressure. All the available horsepower is directed to the hi-low pump.

Essentially, these models are used in a hydraulic system in which 2 parallel-working pumps are used to release the excess of the higher flow pump to the tank as soon as it reaches the required pressure setting. Typically, these models are made of zinc plated steel, and the very best models will offer no, or very limited, leakage of hydraulic fluid.

Flowfits Unbeatable Range Of Hydraulic Two-Pump Hi-Low Unloading Valves

As the UKs leading provider of a wide range of hydraulic components, here at Flowfit we are dedicated to providing the ideal hydraulic accessories to help you make the most out of your system. For more information on the role of a hydraulic two-pump hi-low unloading valve in your hydraulic system, get in touch with our team of hydraulic professional today on 01584 876 033!

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