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Diverter/Ball Valves

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Diverter/Ball Valves

Hydraulic diverter and ball valve are designed to accept hydraulic fluid through one part and direct it through any one of multiple outlet ports. Traditionally, these designs feature three way designs, but as hydraulic systems have become more complex, models have been created which offer multiple exit portals.

Hydraulic Diverter And Ball Valves

These models are commonly used for alternatively diverting flow from a single source to multiple lines. This is particularly useful in dumping operations, in which one outlet permits the fluid to flow from a common source to the essential hydraulic component, whilst the other outlet alternately dumps or recycles excess fluid. Often, the second outlet will lead back into the system itself, to conserve hydraulic fluid and reduce waste.

Hydraulic diverter and ball valves are available in a wide range of designs, from simple two-way ball valves to 6-way solenoid diverters. They are all suitable for different specifications and to meet the requirements of specific systems.

Typically, these models come with an easily accessible manual operating system, but can also be integrated to offer pneumatic or electric actuation. It is important to note that the inlet port can rarely be shut off, only diverted to one of the multiple outlet ports.

Flowfits Extensive Range Of Hydraulic Diverter And Ball Valves

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