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Tees and Cross

Tees and Cross

At Flowfit, we are proud to offer the most diverse range of hydraulic Tees and Cross quick release couplings to ensure that you can find the ideal model for your systems connections. Finding a complex, multi-fitting QRC can be incredibly difficult, and so we are proud to offer the largest range in the UK, with each design having been manufactured to unique specifications. Tees and Cross designs can fit to three connections at once, making them incredibly useful in complex hydraulic systems.

Tees And Cross Quick Release Couplings

No matter what the requirements of your systems connections, you can be certain that youll find a reliable, fluid-resistant design to ensure long-lasting reliability and a fluid disconnection when it matters most.

With other forms of connections, it can often take time and cumbersome tools to cut off the flow in a safe manner with QRCs; you can disconnect the flow in a matter of moments to prevent damage to the system or to yourself. Amongst our range, youll find Male Tee and Swivel Female connections, along with combined models.

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