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Whites Motors

  • White Drive Products
Whites Motors

White Drive Products has a long history of industry success. Since the early 1960’s, when Harvey and Hollis Jr. White developed and patented their first motor, White’s motors have gained a reputation as reliable motors and power-steering devices. Originally called White Hydraulics, Inc., the company has stayed true to its goal of providing a comprehensive range of hard-wearing products.

A Diverse Range Of Industry-Leading Products

Here at Flowfit, we offer only the best hydraulic motors to our customers. That is why we offer products from White’s WM, WP and WR series of light-weight motors.

The WM Series

The WM product group is an economical which utilises the very latest in enhanced rotor technology. Primarily intended for light-weight applications, the WM series offers a diverse range of advantages including compact size and low-weight, without having to compromise on high-speed performance and medium-level torque.

The WP Series

Acting as an economical alternative to more complex designs, the WP series still offers high-efficiency and reliability across a diverse performance range. These motors are also part of the White’s light-motors range, and feature the same levels of compact and intelligent design as any other product. These motors are suitable for a range of applications in a variety of industries, including car-washing, food-processing, conveyors, agricultural equipment, sweepers and many more.

The WR Series

The WR series from White Drive Products features the very latest advances in smooth operation, reliable performance along with high-levels of efficiency and durability. The WR series features seven precision rollers which are used to eliminate sliding friction and provide rolling contact between the rotor and stator. The WR series is focused on providing a reliable product which will enjoy a long operating life in a range of applications.

The Features Of White Drive Products’ Diverse Hydraulic Motors

  • Integrated check valves for versatile applications and increased seal life
  • Bolt-on mounting flange, allowing easy serviceability
  • Superior performance, thanks to intelligent spool design
  • Smooth operation, compact volume and low-weight, thanks to enhanced rotor design.

If you’re looking for hard-wearing and reliable hydraulic motors for a range of applications, get in touch with our professional team today on 01584 876033 for the latest advice; alternatively, you can email any questions or concerns that you might have to our team directly at sales@flowfitonline.com.

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