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High Pressure Cylinders

High Pressure Cylinders
High Pressure Cylinders

When pressure gets applied to a fluid, an equal pressure will be exerted through the fluid in every direction, and that is what a hydraulic cylinder does.
High pressure hydraulic cylinders are an essential part of any hydraulic system. These cylinders receive their power from hydraulic fluid, this is pressurised, this fluid is normally oil.

The cylinder will include a barrel that is connected to a piston, the rod of the piston then moves back and forth. A cylinder is the motor of a system.

They can push, pull and lift hauls of any description and were numerous uses were initially found in the industrial revolution.

What is a hydraulic cylinder used for?

Hydraulic cylinders create a mechanical force. They are often used in the industrial machinery industry. 

What machinery are they often used in?

- Excavators
- Dump trucks
- injection moulding
- Compactors 
- Flight simulators 
- Fatigue testing 

The list goes on… 

What other industries use hydraulic cylinders? 

- Construction equipment
- Manufacturing machinery
- Civil engineering

How do I know what I need? 
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