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Visual Level indicators

Visual Level indicators

Hydraulic visual level indicators are an effective way of judging the amount of hydraulic liquid that remains in your system. They can save a great deal of time and money when compared to filling plugs, which can be difficult to remove and often require maintenance tools such as wrenches and spanners. Level indicators, however, work without these accessories and provide a stable and reliable means of judging the hydraulic fluid within the system.

Aside from the common level indicator, typically made from glass and corrosion-resistant metals, we are proud to offer a diverse range of other models, including port-hole designs and hydraulic level indicators with integrated breather plugs.

Hydraulic Visual Level Indicators

Here at Flowfit, we are dedicated to providing only the very best hydraulic components to meet the requirements of a range of systems. Our level indicators offer a simple and quick way of judging the amount of liquid left in a hydraulic system. For more information on any one of our wide range of hydraulic products, please dont hesitate to get in touch today on 01584 876 033.

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