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Log Splitter Kits

Log Splitter Kits

 Hydraulic log splitters are becoming more popular all the time. Firewood and natural heating options are an extremely cost-effective way of heating your home. Amongst our diverse range of log-splitting kits, you will find extremely high-quality machines and components to ensure that you receive many years of trouble-free operation.

Log-splitters which make use of hydraulic systems are extremely reliable, powerful and reliable, making them an ideal option for both domestic and industrial situations.

Hydraulic Log Splitters And Much More, From Flowfit


Here at Flowfit, you’ll be sure to find the ideal log-splitter kit or components for your needs. Along with our own high-powered, reliable range, we are also able to provide splitters from other brands such as Loncin and Honda.

Inside each one of our comprehensive kits, you’ll find a variety of components to suit your needs. Not only can our kits work alongside portable petrol motors, but they can also operate with tractor PTO set ups as well. One of the important additions to this kit include the Flowfit-branded High-Low pump, which has been intelligently designed to make the most out of all available horsepower in the most efficient manner possible.

Amongst our diverse range of valves, complete kits and parts you’ll be able to find models of a variety of sizes and powers which are suitable for different circumstances. For example, some of our models might not be strong even for heavy industrial use, but are absolutely ideal for domestic usage.

Any and all technical information that you might require can be found in one of our downloadable PDF documents for added convenience.

Contact Flowfit For High-Quality Hydraulic Log-Splitters Today


All hydraulic log splitters and any components that you purchase from the professional team at Flowfit are guaranteed for an entire year. If you encounter any issues affecting their performance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialists today and we’ll be sure to help you find the ideal log-splitter for your needs.

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