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Flow Control & Flow Divider Valves

Flow Control & Flow Divider Valves

The ability to control the flow of hydraulic fluid within a system is one of the most important tools available for a user. Flow control regulates the speed and the pressure of the fluid within the system. Hydraulic flow control and flow divider valves are essential when it comes to effectively controlling the system as a whole, and ensuring that it continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Hydraulic Flow Control And Flow Divider Valves

Hydraulic flow control valves are essential when it comes to regulating the speed of the hydraulic fluid, which can have a profound effect on pressure. Too high or too low a speed can result in an inefficient system, or even cause damage to the systems individual components, such as pumps and actuators.

Flow divider valves, as the name suggests, are used to split up the flow of hydraulic fluid. When used inversely, they can also be used to combine two different flows of hydraulic fluid into a single stream. The dividing and combining functions are extremely accurate and, whats more, they are largely independent of the pressures of the two divided flows and the fluids viscosity.

Flow dividers rarely require maintenance, which can be a great way of reducing system cost whilst also dramatically reducing the risk of a system failure.

Flowfit Online; Hydraulic Flow Control And Flow Divider Valves

As the UKs leading provider of hydraulic components, here at Flowfit we are proud to offer a wide range of hydraulic flow control and flow divider valves to suit your requirements and the specifications of your system. From simply fixed settings to adjustable flow control valves, you are certain to find the perfect hydraulic component amongst our extensive range.

For more information, get in touch with our team of dedicated hydraulic specialists today!

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